Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My poor camera

This is the story of a very tired and selfless camera. Once upon a time their was a young lady who went on a very important trip to Italy. Her camera (nicknamed Shark) was allowed to come along, on one condition. It was to take pictures any time the young lady wanted. Shark agreed. As the trip progressed the camera got tireder and tireder till it was so tired it just beeped and turned itself off. The young lady was worried. Shark wouldn't charge like usual.
"Shark? What is wrong dearest friend? Why I do believe that you have been taking so many pictures that you have worn yourself out"
However, the young lady found the time in her very busy schedule to take her dearest camera to the nearest person who told her she was using the wrong plug.
"Oops. Tee Hee. My bad." The young lady giggled.

Thus, the story of how I accidentally somehow took 2244 photos on my trip to Italy without the whole wrong plug thing and have tired my poor camera out.
Feel sorry for Shark now.
Ten seconds later...
Stop feeling sorry for Shark while thinking that this is what cameras were designed to do.
"Lets get out there Shark!"

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