Saturday, October 31, 2009

This week was boring. But Happy Halloween anyways.

That is saying it kindly. And I am saying it because it was. This week was a blinding blur of boredom. School, home, piano, homework, eat somewhere during that, sleep and then repeat the next day. There was just no time at all to do anything even remotely fun like bike riding and photography, even just to go outside and lay on the grass seemed like wasting time (which it kind of was). And now, on Halloween, it is quite simply too hot and sticky to go outside.

The Clothes Horse
The Cherry Blossom Girl

Halloween isn't all that big of a deal here in Australia like it is in America. We don't get into the whole "dress-up-knock-on-doors-asking-for-lollies" thing. They had some witch hats and lollies on display at work but that is really it. Sometimes though I think that it would be a lot of fun to go to America and experience Halloween. Ghouls, ghost, witches, warlocks, spiders, black and orange sounds like a lot of fun to me. I think that the most Halloween-y type thing that I did or will be doing today was reading the end of To Kill A Mockingbird which is set on Halloween.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Julie, Julia, Gielia, Giulia.

Today after work I went to see the film "Julie and Julia" at the cinemas. It made me open my eyes a bit more to the intriguing world of blogging. There are so many people out there who have blogs that have something interesting written on them but I guess I just haven't found all that many. Take my blog as an example, I spend the majority of my posts posting pictures and writing two or three sentences explaining my fascination with said pictures. Really, I am quite the pathetic blogger. There is so much stuff I could write about. Yet I don't. Even now I am sitting here writing this and thinking that it needs a picture of Amy Adams and Meryl Streep. Which is another thing that I do when posting. I talk about films, television programs and other random things like that.

If I were to classify this blog, like if I put it into a category the only two names I can think of are "Me" and "Random" which essentially mean the same thing. I have no classifycation, let that be known to the blogging world. Sometimes I wonder if the blogging world knows that I exist. But then I think, really who cares? I sure don't. And do you want to know why? Because obviously I exist otherwise I would not be sitting here writing this right now. If the blogging world knows I exist... meh. I will live through it.

I am also just going to say that for this post I will refrain from posting pictures just so that I see the joy of words. Also that Bones is on tonight. And here I go again. Goodnight everyone!

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Portrait Of NCIS

Some of my newly acquired favourite NCIS pictures

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Second Day In The Life Of Moshe

7am - Get up, get dressed, get going.

8am - Didn't move quite fast enough and ended up playing with my camera.

9am - Italian and talking about clothes.

10am - A snack before more tedious work.

11am - My leap frog ruler from a Happy Meal is very useful when drawing triangles.

12pm - On the computer.

1pm - Star fingers.

2am - M-cat attempting to recreate the Christ death scene with her coloured pens.

3pm - It was a nice day to walk home.
4pm - Watched Bones

5pm - Played netball... and lost.

6pm - Chased my dog around the yard.

7pm - Practiced piano.

8pm - Searched for a new book to read.

9pm - Gave up search and re-read the Frankie Photo Album again.

I got inspired (again) by The Clothes Horse and her "Picture an Hour" posts so I decided to do another one myself. It was fun though I could have picked a better day. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Beautiful Things

Photo via the Stylish Wanderer

Emily Deschanel

Photo via Ella May

Photos via The Audrey Hepburn Complex
I was obsessed with beautiful photographs on the internet today. I almost bought two photography books over amazon but relented. Admittedly I only relented because my mother complained that I would give her nothing to buy for Christmas presents but anyway. These are just a pitifully small sample of all the photos I found today.
Listening to: Valium by Lisa Mitchell.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just Goatin' Around

I went for a bike ride this afternoon and ran into a goat. I'm not kidding. I was going down this hill and then wam! I didn't cause any damage though, swerved just in time but still. A goat!

Then I saw this horse. And took some random pictures of a tree branch. I love nature.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Meaningless Word And Sounds

I'm bored. Its Friday. Here's a Hart Hanson quote for you:
"Uh-oh! The Swine flu is cutting through the "Bones" crew like a scythe. Everybody has to stop making out between takes."