Thursday, November 26, 2009

Crabby Apple and other Things


Right now I am writing this post while eating my spaghetti a)Because I felt like I haven't posted in a while and b)Because I am so busy at the moment the only time for recreational writing is while eating dinner. [Pauses, spoons spaghetti into mouth]. My piano exam is tomorrow morning (eep!) and though I shouldn't have anything to worry about it is still a bit nerve racking. [Chew, swallow, scoop].Cake I made last weekend.

In Literature we read this short story titled "Postcards From Surfers", I don't remember the author but it was this seemingly mundane little story where she detailed one specific day when she went to visit her parents. Nothing particuarly interesting happened in the story but nevertheless it was quite captivating. Towards the end of the story she wrote these depressing postcards which she was going to send to her ex-boyfriend. It made me wonder about postcards and what exactly people write on them. They'll say Greetings From (insert chosen tourist destination here) or Wish You Were Here when really it is more likely that the people receiving the postcards are the reason the author went away in the first place. [Drops pasta shell onto desk, looks around]. Postcards would be a whole lot more interesting if they were written like they were in "Postcards From Surfers" as a more of a short story in themselves than as anything else. Crochet rug which I have recently started to continue on with.

The photos are just some random ones taken over the past week or so. The apple one I particulary like for reasons unknown exactly. It is just a poor apple who unfortunatly tasted terrible so was turned into a face. He has no name except crabby apple when really he looks more sorry to be tasteless than crabby I think. [Puts fork down and stares at half-empty plate]. Crabby Apple.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Piano Lady

Okay now don't get me wrong, I love playing the piano, but sometimes scales and arpeggios and ancient music can get incredibly frustrating. I never know why I say yes every year to an exam. What I should be saying is "No, remember the fuss last year?" But no, I am apparently not that smart and said yes again at the start of this year now I am stressing about it. Not to mention the mountain load of other work I have to do this week. I really just can't wait for the summer holidays to begin and I can forget about exams and studying (well, at least I won't think about it as much as I do now.). I plan on making a suckumentary this holidays with footage of M-cat, Fi, J-kitty and I that has somehow managed to accumulate a large chunk of my hard drive. I will be just like Tibby Rollins but without the blue hair and Abby outfits.
Sunset photographs like this always make me think of old southern, American movies where the girls have names like Bunny. I spent the entire time that my mother was looking for a new fridge gawking at the dslr's in the local electronics store. Not a single store in my town stocks Pentax cameras for me to actually look at, it all has to be ordered in from the city. I have to make do with Canon and other inferior brands.

Monday, November 16, 2009


It was a really hot weekend this weekend just past. I hope that everyone didn't melt! I certainly didn't because I went swimming. I had forgotten how much fun swimming is. We took the old blow up boat down and had water fights. It was a lot of fun.
They have the most beautiful trees at the lake I went to. I also figured out the scene mode on my camera (yeah I know, took me a while). It works so much better than just trying to position the little green squares.

Exam week is this week at school. Today I had my English exam. I swear, teachers wear ugly, squeaky shoes on purpose. They do it to distract us and then when someone points it out, they take off their shoes. Not a pleasant site.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kitty Darling

This is the cat that lives at my piano teacher's house. Her name is very unoriginal, its Kitty. People should name their cats something more original or at least something that doesn't reflect the breed.
These ones are a bit blurry because apparently I was being a bit tiring with my camera and photo-taking. The cat hit my camera.Lily and Kitty. They are forever mucking about, I think that the cat actually likes Lily. Okay, so maybe I went a bit overboard but really who cares? Kitty drools though which my camera really did not like.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Flower Power

It has been so hot hot hot here over the last two days. (Eloise reference there). I felt like I was going to melt. All this heat made me realise that if it continues all the best flowers will be dead so I took my camera with me to school so that I could photograph some of the more beautiful ones on the way home.Flowers are such great subjects to photograph a) because they only move when the wind blows and b) they're very pretty to look at (also to focus on).To be honest, some of these I look at and go "Ugh, I could've done so much better than that". Nothing much I can do about it now since I have forgotten where I found most of these. That's partly the fun of photographing these flowers, I never seem to remember where they came from and when I look, they're gone like witches on the wind.
Two more days, just two more days till I am done with Year 11 classes. Almost ready to relax... almost. One more oral, two more days, 6 more exams. Its a countdown people. So start counting.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday With The Gilmores.

Gilmore Girls is one fantastic show. I have all seven seasons on DVD but I haven't watched any in a while so this week I thought I would watch some. I was watching the last season but then I got this weird urge to watch the season's where Rory is at high school. Sure they have dorkier clothes in these seasons but it still fun to watch. Especially when you are feeling, well, off like I am today. But I will not complain because my sore throat has given me the perfect opportunity to lie around and watch Gilmore Girls all day long. Thank goodness it is the weekend. I would never get away with this on any other day.Listening to: Alone from Glee

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bee Please

Is it really November already? This past year has flown by so quickly. I'm afraid that if I blink I will miss the end of it. So I am not blinking (not literally though) in case I miss something. Exams, piano, school, photography, fun... its all coming. I love Christmas time too. I have this advent calendar that I have been making for the past two Christmases. And by making I mean neglecting. I am determined, as soon as school exams and all the stress evaporates I will finish it. I was feeling arty this afternoon so I took my old camera (and my digital) and went for a walk. I love this photo. The bee is just getting the nectar out of the flower. There were so many bees at this tree I was trying really hard not jump every time one flew near me. Penny has been the subject of my camera for a while now. She is such a lazy dog though. Refuses to sit up for the camera... or say cheese.