Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Out damn spot! Out I say! in the true style of Lady Macbeth

We have been reading Macbeth in English lately and today my teacher (Ironically named Mr. English, seriously) wrote a list of quotes on the board for us to guess who said it and in what context. I like English (subject) so this was relatively fun for me. Till I realized that I was the only one who was actually getting any of that stuff. Then it was just a little bit embarrassing. Oh, well. I supposed I just kicked everyone else's butts at it.
Lady Macbeth is so mean. Macbeth is all "No, i don't want to horribly murder the King who just promoted me" while Lady Macbeth is all "Well, you are gonna because I want to be Queen". Then she ends up killing herself. We all cheered because she was so mean. The costumes are awesome though. All Elizabethan and such. The picture above is of a scary Lady Macbeth.

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