Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fantastico Orsacchiotto or Super Teddy?

So, M-cat came over today to work on our cool LOTE project. It is the cheesy story of Signor Orsacchiotto (Mr. Teddy) who, on his way to work, hears a dinosaur roaring. He changes into Fantastico Orsacchiotto (Super teddy) and saves the day.

One day, Mr. Teddy was walking to work when all of a sudden he hears a dinosaur roaring.
"On no!" Mr. Teddy cries, "This is a job for Super Teddy!"
Mr. Teddy transforms into Super teddy.
Super Teddy flies towards the dinosaur to save the day."Ahh!" The dinosaur cries, "It's a teddy wearing underpants and a multi-colored cape!"

In the end Super teddy saves the town, much to the delite of the silly little lego people. He does this by poking the dinosaur in the eye. Of course my actual project will be much better than this, and in italian. I will see if i can get the actual project to upload on here once it is done.

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