Monday, October 13, 2008

Somewhat boring retreats and freaky music?

Not if you live in wonderland. "Sob".

Anyway, today my school made us all participate in a 'God's Love' retreat day where weirdos from America came to talk to us and play games I played in primary school. Can you tell that I had a good day? I bet not. But it's true. I actually had a pretty good time hanging out with the weirdos. J-kitty was there too, thank goodness (not god). They did alot of drama's and skits which were funny.

Then came the inevitable. The weirdo's gave us a sheet with questions on it like "What did you get out of today's retreat" and "Write a letter to Jesus". Blah. My letter consisted of me asking why I would write a letter to someone who has been dead for 2000 years and defending myself against accusations that I stole the Queen of Hearts jam tarts. (Bit obsessed with Alice in Wonderland at the moment, sorry).

Oh, I also wrote that I was a ninja-pirate. Haha. Not likely. It cracked J-kitty up like an egg though. At least it's over. That's what i thought till I got a letter asking me to go on another retreat and that could i please bring a bag of basmati rice with me. See, weirdos.

I just got a new song last night called "Running up that hill" by placebo. Pretty freaky when they talk about the same stuff that was talked about at todays retreat. I just can't escape these people!

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