Friday, October 17, 2008

A games night... Italian style.

Tonight my self and M-cat are going to a very boring and very exceedingly long games night. Really, I should be more enthusiastic about it considering it is going to be raising money for our trip to Italy. (37 days bloggerino's!) This games night basically consists of a bunch of adult's sitting around gambling with fake money. It is not even classy fake money, like monopoly money, but as M-cat calls it: Funny Money.
M-cat is sitting here trying to explain to me the concept of "Funny Money". I am trying to be optimistic about the whole thing but it just goes right over my head.

Another aspect of my school life that goes right over my head and probably all the way over to Antarctica, is the game that the year 10 guys at school play. It involves simply a very bouncy ball and a wall. They proceed to throw the ball at the wall, knowing full well that it is going to come back towards them at twice the speed. Then they hit it and each other. Blah.

This is a video of mine and M-cat's view on the game.

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