Friday, September 19, 2008

Last Day of School and Cheese!

Sorry, just screaming for joy, because today was the last day of school for term 3!!!! Whoop! Holiday's here I come. Usually my holiday's consist of reading and watching TV, but this holiday's I'm actually doing quite a bit. Melbourne show, the beach, Granny-cat coming to stay, camping, you name it (within reason :).
Today M-cat and I were talking about cheese. M-cat likes Gouda, but I like the sun dried-tomato Tilba Tilba cheese. Wow that's a mouthful. J-kitty just said that she doesn't like stringy cheese and I have to agree with her. Stringy cheeses suck! Or smell for that matter. "Il tua formaggio e puzza!" is Italian for "Your cheese smells!"
64 days to the land of cheese.
Also, did you know that they make a Wallace and Gromit brand cheese? How awesome is that?!

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