Thursday, September 11, 2008

Currently Loving Wicked/ Vintage clothes.

Hello once again to all you bloggers out there in blog-world. I am currently obsessed with the book/musical 'Wicked'. So far I am only just reading the book as I have been far too busy too actually get up and go see the show. Even though I would absolutely love too!
I'd like to think that I was stylish like Galinda/Glinda but unfortunately I am much more like Elphaba fashion wise. But then being either one isn't so bad I guess. If I could choose I would be Galinda/Glinda because of her fashion sense but without the ditziness and Elphaba because of her mysteriousness and quirkyness and smarts. So I guess I choose both!

Another thing that I am totally crushing on at the moment is vintage (used) clothing. I put 'used' in brackets because 'used' reminds me of musty smelly clothing where 'vintage' sounds way more quirky and fun. I wish that there were a lot more vintage clothing stores around where I live. Currently the only shop that comes close is the local Vinnie's and they don't exactly have nice clothes. If you get my drift. Maybe I'll try and make a skirt this weekend instead.

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