Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Have A New Bag!

So, isn't it just awesome when you can get exactly what you want? I agree, it is. Take my new bag for example. $30.00, is what the annoying little tag said. My mind and my purse said "NO!" but my heart said "Please!". Because of my mind and my heart fighting I went into that store 7 times this week. You know that when you can call the store lady by name and she recognizes you, that perhaps you have thought long and hard enough. My heart won of course. I walked in, picked up the very cute bag and marched straight up to the saleslady (Emily).
Emily: Hey! So you decided to get the bag. Good Choice!
Moshe: Yeah, silly Grandma.
E: Well, today is your lucky day because this bag is marked down to $20.00.
M: Really? Cool.
E: Yeah, and I'll take a further 25% off for you, so that comes to $15.00
M: Thank you Miss Emily. You just made my day.
Moshe walks out to her waiting limo, where she and Miley Cyrus laugh about the awesome bargain Moshe just got and talk about Miley's new album.
Ok, so that last part didn't really happen. But a cat can dream can't she?

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