Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Seemingly Random Post That Really Should Be Split in Two.

Okay, so remember when i wrote down that I was going to be a good blogger like Julie and how I would post less pictures on here and write a lot more. Well, I failed... epically as this post represents. I just like taking pictures too much, it's comforting in a way. The way the camera can capture whatever you want it to. The photographer is in control of the camera, and I like it that way. When I write things down its a different story. My fingers like to take over from my mind. They take control like my body is a crazy spaceship going nowhere.
Really, this post is far too long to have any real meaning to it. Too many pictures, and now perhaps a little to much rambling on. But isn't that what blogs were designed to do? They were designed as a way of letting people express there thoughts and ramblings to the world whether they be about music, poetry, fashion, photography, food or numerous other things that I am in no way going to list all of them down here.
If I were a fabulous writer with a number of best selling books I think that I would start an anonymous blog, or even if I were famous. Then I could write anything I want without criticism or fame. It is better that way, like a blog is a place inside ones own head where they just happen to share pictures and snippets. It is only a tiny place however, and would remain a tiny place. Too much happens in a person's life to record it all on paper, or in my case, the internet.
So many of my thoughts will never make it down onto here or anywhere else for that matter. For example, just yesterday I was thinking that perhaps I would like to find a different colour thing to photograph that day. But I didn't. One, because I was far too lazy yesterday and two, because it escaped my mind up until right now. And I will not go through with it because it is a silly idea too. So my subconscience wins again by telling me what not and what to do.


  1. I like the natural lighting on the first two images. I always enjoy viewing images that incorporate the use of Natural light rather than artificial. [=

  2. I rarely ever use artificial lighting when taking my photographs. I usually find it too harsh so I try to take photos when there is a lot of light around.