Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Piano Lady

Okay now don't get me wrong, I love playing the piano, but sometimes scales and arpeggios and ancient music can get incredibly frustrating. I never know why I say yes every year to an exam. What I should be saying is "No, remember the fuss last year?" But no, I am apparently not that smart and said yes again at the start of this year now I am stressing about it. Not to mention the mountain load of other work I have to do this week. I really just can't wait for the summer holidays to begin and I can forget about exams and studying (well, at least I won't think about it as much as I do now.). I plan on making a suckumentary this holidays with footage of M-cat, Fi, J-kitty and I that has somehow managed to accumulate a large chunk of my hard drive. I will be just like Tibby Rollins but without the blue hair and Abby outfits.
Sunset photographs like this always make me think of old southern, American movies where the girls have names like Bunny. I spent the entire time that my mother was looking for a new fridge gawking at the dslr's in the local electronics store. Not a single store in my town stocks Pentax cameras for me to actually look at, it all has to be ordered in from the city. I have to make do with Canon and other inferior brands.


  1. oh yes.. AMEB exams are so fun.. that's why I stopped bothering after grade one, I don't need a grade 6 exam to play grade 6 music ^^ nyer nyer

  2. Very beautifull the pic with the piano!!!