Monday, October 19, 2009

A Second Day In The Life Of Moshe

7am - Get up, get dressed, get going.

8am - Didn't move quite fast enough and ended up playing with my camera.

9am - Italian and talking about clothes.

10am - A snack before more tedious work.

11am - My leap frog ruler from a Happy Meal is very useful when drawing triangles.

12pm - On the computer.

1pm - Star fingers.

2am - M-cat attempting to recreate the Christ death scene with her coloured pens.

3pm - It was a nice day to walk home.
4pm - Watched Bones

5pm - Played netball... and lost.

6pm - Chased my dog around the yard.

7pm - Practiced piano.

8pm - Searched for a new book to read.

9pm - Gave up search and re-read the Frankie Photo Album again.

I got inspired (again) by The Clothes Horse and her "Picture an Hour" posts so I decided to do another one myself. It was fun though I could have picked a better day. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

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