Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Me Laugh At Strange People

We had this really big and important mass at school today, and not to put down masses, but this one was exceptionally funny but still not as funny as last year's. This year there were a whole lot of people running around and dancing with flags to a really strong beat on a drum and half the choir fell off their chairs. Priceless. Last year's commissioning mass really topped them all though.
Everyone was peacefully zoned out (just how all the teachers like it, they don't actually care whether you listen or not) when the replacement Priest said that we all look at too much porn. That got everyone's attention. Naturally, he has not been back.
Anyone recognise the girl in green from Bones? High School Musical yes? I want the new episodes of Bones now. The thrid season comes out on DVD tomorrow. Yes! 'Fist pumping air'.

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