Thursday, March 12, 2009

Horses and Sunsets

So I don't usually put pictures of myself on here but I did anyway. This outfit looked so much better in real life than it does in a photo. Oh well, this was the day Mum and I drove to Yarragon. They have the most beautiful little craft shops and clothing stores and antiques everywhere. I can't actually buy any of the antiques because I have no where to put them but I love their smell and just wandering around looking at all of them. They have the best scones with jam and cream here too. Don't order two though. One is more than enough.
This horse was awesome. I stopped to take some photos of the sunset while on a bike ride and it just wandered over to me and let me pat it! Usually the horses round here move away but this one didn't. I have no idea whose horse it is though...
Right now I am listening to Porta Portese by Claudio Baglioni. We had to translate it for LOTE. Poor Guy.

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