Thursday, February 5, 2009

Birthday Parties and Sultana Fights.

Tomorrow I will be attending the very special birthday party of the one, the only M-cat. I have a really awesome present to bring too. However I will not write what it is on here till after I give it to M-cat, just in case she sticky-beaks. The party should be fun though. We will be doing really stupid, cheesy things and going to a dusk showing of 'Enchanted' playing in the local park. I can't wait.
Today at lunch M-cat and I had a sultana fight. They were mine and I had far too many so the only logical thing to do with them (apart from shoving them up a certain person's nose) was to through them at each other. A full-on sultana war. Fi won ,unfortunately, when she grabbed the bag away from us. School is a big 'yawn' right now and so is work. I miss the holiday's.

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