Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flickr Gems

Lately I have been spending the majority of my internet time ignoring my homework or anything else that seemed overly dull by browsing through Flickr. I joined last year and at first I just joined to post photos on the internet. I liked getting the feedback on them but was pretty much clueless as to how I found other people's photos on there. Eventually though, I figured it out and am now on my way to becoming a Flickr addict.

One of the very first photographers I "discovered" on there was Lauren (lauren {elycerose}). She mostly takes photos of her kids but she also takes the most beautiful and imaginative photos. These photos of hers aren't exactly my favourites but they're still really good.

Brittany Juravich is another photographer who I like. She mainly takes photos of herself and not all of these I like but I do like the style and there is a lot I do really like. Take these, for example.

Another photographer who caught my eye was Grace (The Spider In Your Bath). She lives in England and has the most adorable pet rat. Which is saying a lot, coming from me (I'm not a fan of rats). This first photo with the plaits is the first one I saw of hers and all I thought was "cool hair". Then I saw her other work and it's great.

The final Flickr photographer is Jett Myers (geewillikersjett). He takes some excellent portraits of his friends and mainly I just like them. Occasionally I like a photo that he has taken of himself, but not usually.
And that would be that. It took me forever to find the photos and I couldn't put up the ones that I really like from Lauren, but check out their photostreams and you'll be sure to find out what I mean.

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