Saturday, September 5, 2009

Moshe The Golfer

Golf is an interesting sport. Not to watch, of course. To watch it is dull and long with lots of trees blocking otherwise good shots. To play it is something entirely different. That is what I did today. I played golf. Odd, yes. Fun, yes. Boring, no. I had fun.

More odd: I bought the Lisa Mitchell album today. I don't really know if it is any good as I am only starting to listen to it while writing this post. "There is an ongoing love affair". Its true. Things grow on me. Odd things.

"Coffee Coffee you are my heroin" I don't even like coffee.

Awesome is such an overrated word. Like, like. Too many adolescents use the word "like" and "chick". NOTICE TO ADOLESCENTS OF THE WORLD: Stop using the words "like" and "chick" so much. They mean nothing in their over use.

All my animals are gone. From my zoo. Poor little plastic things with now known futures. I am searching for my animals. I think that I killed them all.

Fi? Are you there? Fi?


P.S. This is an extract from a conversation with my friend, Fi.

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