Friday, July 10, 2009

Birthday Darlings

Today I attended Fi's fabulous Wicked/Wizard-Of-Oz birthday party. I had a great time.My shows with M-cat's socks. She was the Wicked Witch of The East aka Nessarose aka the one that Dorothy killed.My Galinda costume, I was teenage Glinda, thus my name being GAlinda not Glinda.
M-cat and Fi
The birthday cake, it was delicious.
J-kitty and M-cat playing Harry Potter Scene It. Literally two minutes later we gave up because it was boring.
M-cat, J-kitty and Miss Birthday Girl Fi who very tactfully painted only her arms green.
J-kitty as Dorothy with her little dog Toto (aka Dodo according to me). Her dress is actually made from an old school dress, Muck up day costumes anyone?
I refused to touch the strange green face paint that smelled like alcohol.
The birthday girl.
Happy Birthday Fi.

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