Friday, April 24, 2009

A Wicked Time In The Big Bad City

I have not posted for ages. This is what school does to teenagers: it stops them from blogging and forces them to research phobia lists and the digestive system instead. Finally, here I am typing away, just glad it is Friday.
Last Wednesday I went with my sister, M-cat and Fi to Melbourne to see Wicked. It was absolutely amazing. It is worth the money I paid to see it just for the costumes alone. Everything is so detailed and sparkling and the songs were amazingly sung. They have a lot of beautiful, old churches in the city. This is just one of them. "Sigh". Fi jumped for joy when she saw this sign. We got there so early though, their were practically no delays on the train unless you count all the annoying stops.
You can see Bert Newton as the Wizard in the background. Even though he can barely sing (honestly, he is worse than I am!), he was still good to see on stage. This sign gave us the inspiration, and courage, to move to the left and avoid the reality straight ahead. It was a lot more interesting in the land of Oz.

Eureka Tower is so high! This is the view of it from Federation Square. There is always something happening in Federation Square. That day, it just happened to be us singing 'Dancing Through Life' at the top of our lungs.
A horse-drawn carriage, just the thing needed to shop in style.
Pink couch in Myer. If only I had bought one of the amazing dresses.I tried to pursuade my sister to buy these hilarious shoes. I can just picture her walking up to class in her blue and yellow uniform in these shoes. She declined and bought some converse instead.

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