Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kirsten, Cats, Magazines and Toffee Apples

I love this picture. It is so natural and the cat is very cute. Kirsten was in Lula, this is just one of many pictures to feature her. This one is my favourite though. Speaking of magazines, yesterday I went down the street with the intention of printing my ginormous stack of photos only to find I didn't have enough money to do so. Instead I went and hung out in the news agency reading magazines. I just had to buy one because it would have been rude to stand there for an hour reading the magazines and not buy anything. I also bought a toffee apple but that was only 60 cents. The magazine I ended up buying is called Frankie. It is actually very good. Artsy but cool at the same time. I love their photography.
Note to self: Practice photography because yours sucks.